Fluke 87V Digital Multimeter Made in USA

Fluke 87V Digital Multimeter the best choice for electrical engineers for general, industrial, and HVAC purpose. Not only Fluke 87V multimeter has the best accuracy but also this meter has the life time warranty. Only the first Digital Multimeter that have the life time warranty. That’s the Fluke brand multimeter all about. Fluke 87V multimeter made in USA. Here you will find Calibrated Fluke Multimeter 87V catalog, user manual, datasheet, and review.

Basically this rugged, high accuracy industrial electrical multimeter to measure current, voltage and frequency. At the same time, this multimeter offers true-RMS AC voltage and current for measuring non-linear signals.

Fluke 87V USA Multimeter Key features

At this time, you will get the key features of the best digital multimeter. Before start the features I want to tell you that, this meter has some special point’s that’s really make your job done faster with great accuracy. This Brand new Fluke Multimeter always remain top 10 multimeter all the time. So, let’s get started the key features of this meter.

  1. Accurate: Measure current, voltage and frequency on complex variable frequency drive (VFD) signals
  2. Safer and rugged: Safety rated CAT III 1000 V, CAT IV 600 V
  3. This electrical multimeter correctly measure pulse-width modulated motor drive signals
  4. Save time lot’s of time: The 87V multimeter includes a built-in thermometer and temperature probe
  5. True-RMS AC voltage and current for measuring non-linear signals
  6. This meter Offers true-RMS AC voltage and current for measuring non-linear signals
  7. Includes a built-in thermometer and temperature probe
  8. The captures intermittents as short as 250 µS

Secrets & Special Details of Fluke 87V Multimeter

Do you know? The 87V Multimeter is the only meter on the market which can operate and maintain accuracy while testing adjustable speed devices. This Fluke Multimeter has been specifically designed to be able to operate within the chaotic mess of signals which can emanate from such a device, adding yet another degree of separation from the competition that makes this meter a must have for any serious technician or Electrical Engineers.

Important to realize, this meter also features a backlight, allowing it to be read without the use of a flashlight in dark areas. This means less fumbling in the dark for you as you seek to get an accurate reading on the problem you are facing, and everyone knows it’s no fun to play contortionist when you’re stuck in the corner of a hundred degree attic or investigating an issue in the crawlspace under a home.

The meter itself is a robust but small design, sure to fit into small spaces with you, and rugged enough to stand up to years of use. Once you add in that it has a magnetic hanger to allow your hands free reign with the probes, you’ll have to agree that even just the physical features of the product are rather impressive.

Multimeter 87V Specifications

So, if you are looking for technical details for this top rated fluke multimeter. Here are the details for you. First thing to remember that, if you are looking industrial multimeter with great accuracy and features this is the best options for you dear engineer!!

Key FactDetails
DC Voltageup to 1000V, ±(0.05% + 1) accuracy, 10 µV resolution
AC Voltage up to 1000V, ±(0.7% + 2) True RMS accuracy, 0.1 mV resolution
AC Currentup to 10A or 20A for 30-seconds max, ±(1.0% + 2) accuracy, 0.1 µA resolution
DC Currentup to 10A or 20A for 30-seconds max, ±(0.2% + 2) accuracy, 0.01 µA resolution
Resistanceup to 50 MΩ, ±(0.2% + 1) accuracy, 0.1 Ω resolution
Capacitanceup to 9,999 µF, ±(1% + 2) accuracy, 0.01 nF resolution
Frequencyup to 200 kHz, ±(0.005% + 1) accuracy, 0.01 Hz resolution
Duty Cycleup to 99.9%, ±(0.2% per khz + 0.1%) accuracy, 0.1% resolution
Temperaturethe range depends on probe, but the meter itself has a maximum range of -200.0°C – 1090°C (328.0°F – 1994.0°F)
Conductanceup to 60.00 nS, ±(1.0% + 10) accuracy, 0.01 nS resolution
Diode Check3V range, 1 mV resolution, ±(2 % + 1) accuracy
Display6000 count (19,999 counts in high resolution mode)
Battery life(9V alkaline): ~400 hours without backlight
Built inUSA
Agency approvalsCE, CSA, RCM
Shock1 Meter drop per IEC 61010–1:2001
VibrationPer MIL–PRF–28800 for a Class 2 instrument
Storage temperature–40 °C to + 60 °C

Price & Key Factor of 87V Digital Multimeter

Finally, I have used quite a few multimeters in the past 20 years, The price range was $80, $30, $1100. But all those multimeter have some issues when I used them. Suddenly My friend Rocky told me that he use the Fluke 87V Multimeter. That’s provide the great accuracy and also safe for work. For, this reason I am using this meter and get the best result that I am looking for.

Fluke 87V Digital Multimeter

Sometime if you are looking for best tools then surely you pay more. I think for electrical purpose work quality & safety is the key. Fluke multimeter have both of them. Fluke 87V multimeter list price range.$449.99 (Sometimes it’s vary but not much more or less). Fluke 87V has proven itself to be the best one by a significant margin. Maybe it’s the best handheld multimeter on the market.

With an impressive number of functions and features, the Fluke 87V is one of the most versatile multimeters on the market. Not only is this multimeter the first to offer a life-time warranty, but it also includes the durability and accuracy that Fluke is known for. Designed for industrial use, the Fluke 87V was built to stand up to everyday wear and tear, while keeping an eye on the accuracy.

There is no denying that the Fluke 87V is an expensive multimeter, but we have all heard “you get what you pay for”. As you know, this is a high end meter that will last you for years to come. If you are just looking to get into the trade, spend the money once and get a high quality multimeter that will last, and if you are already a veteran to the trade looking to upgrade. Just do yourself a favor and grab yourself a Fluke 87V.

Here are some common question & answer when you are buying the multimeter. All the factors that are generally most important to me for find out the best multimeter in the market place. So, let’s get started!

Most important factor when buying the multimeter:
Reliability – will it work when I need it to?

Fluke 87V multimeter will work when you need it to.

Accuracy – are the readings trustworthy?

The best multimeter in the world Fluke 87V have the great accuracy.

Ease of Use – do I have to read the manual to figure out basic operations?

Sure, you can from Fluke user manual that is very easy to understood.

Protection – if I overload the meter, will it blow up in my face?

This Fluke Multimeter are more than safe.

Build Quality – can it survive a few drops, dings, and bumps?

This top rated Multimeter can survive more than you want. As you know it’s Fluke.

Features – what can it measure, and how well?

This section Fluke 87V USA the master of the features and top of the line for best measurement.

Have the meter the lifetime warranty?

Fluke 87V have the life time warranty.

Is the multimeter save more time in work?

Yes, This meter can save your time. Less time more work!


  • Extra Power up options
  • TL75 Leads, AC175 Alligator Clips, and 80BK Temp Probe included
  • Audible alerts
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Withstands a 1-meter drop in holster, which includes a kickstand and probe storage
  • Large display and backlight with two brightness levels
  • True RMS waveform measurement
  • Peak Capture function for 250 µS intermittent
  • Dual resolutions: 6,000 counts, 3-3/4 digit or 20,000 counts, 4-1/2 digit
  • Wide functionality range for industrial, HVAC, and general electrical applications
  • Third edition of EN 61010-1 to 1000 V CAT III and 600 V CAT IV Safety Rating and can handle 8000V spikes
  • Low pass filter for VFD work


  • No significant downsides
  • Expensive
  • Somewhat Large and Heavy
  • No separate fuse compartment
  • Does not Inlude Tpak Magnet
  • Included Leads Could be Better

Under those circumstances, there’s a reason the 87V is considered the gold standard of digital multimeters: it’s accurate, boasts a feature set that spans many electrical applications, and it’s built to last long. If you haven’t used one of its latest versions over the years, chances are you’ll be discovering new, helpful features for a week or two. It is certainly expensive, but it’s not unheard of to run into a Pro using the same 87V from a decade ago – or longer! Given its performance, safety rating, and durability, that’s really no surprise at all. Keep it for the best result that always you are looking for.

This is one of those products that just oozes quality. From the moment you take it out of the packaging you can just tell you have purchased a quality handheld multimeter. Up to the present time, once you have used this multimeter, you will see why Fluke are regarded as the best in the business. You will not regret making the purchase of the Fluke 87V Digital Multimeter.

Why Buy a Fluke Multimeter?

Another key point, Fluke simply produces some of the best testing technology on the market today, standing head and shoulders over their competitors. All things considered, you might save a little bit of money by purchasing an inferior product, but can you really afford that when even a minor failure might result in disaster?

​As a matter of fact, when Fluke makes something, they make it right and they’re one of the most trusted names for electricians, HVAC technicians, and whoever else might need to work with electricity whether the voltage is high or low. With a device like this in the hands of an experienced electrical engineer there’s almost no electrical problem that cannot be diagnosed and solved quickly with virtually no chance of failure.

lifetime warranty multimeter

At the same time, ​The device itself is subject to a lifetime warranty by Fluke, making it stand above even Fluke’s other multimeters. Many of their devices are guaranteed for at least three or two years, but the 87-V multimeter is one product that even the company which manufactures it trusts not to fail, even after long and heavy use in the field. Finally we can say that, this is an almost symbolic gesture really, showing Fluke’s impressive amount of faith in their product’s longevity.

​Put simply, any contractor worth their salt knows Fluke’s test equipment, and especially their meters, are reliable, tough, and provide a huge amount of precision in the work field. When it comes to a testing device that you’ll be proud to own for years to come, pick a Fluke.

The Bottom Line

The Fluke 87V is the best handheld digital multimeter I have ever used. It’s quick, accurate, easy to use, and there’s nothing I might need to measure that it cannot handle. It might even be the best handheld DMM currently on the market, as I can’t imagine there being a meter that does anything better.

I definitely recommend the 87V to anyone that could use its everything-including-the-kitchen-sink measurement modes. Finally, my point of view it’s suitable for electrical testing applications, electronics work, industrial environments, and even R&D use.

Even coming from such a reliable company, this meter stands out in its unique functionality. It is an indispensable and highly effective meter, with a wide range of options and the ability to accept modular leads.

Buy Best Cheap Multimeter

Multimeters are a device that you absolutely must be able to trust, and the cheap ones aren’t just absolute junk, they’re also downright dangerous to anyone working with high voltage in an industrial or commercial environment.

​The only flaw here is that you’ll probably have to buy a set of alligator clips (being a more expensive meter, it would have been great if it came with a set along with the standard probes), but that’s hardly even a downside for the best multimeter on the market. Everything else is included to get you testing right out the box: a 9V battery, rugged case, test leads / test probes and a manual.

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​With a lifetime warranty available through the manufacturer, a high level of recommendation from contractors in multiple fields and superior engineering, there’s no reason to have to wonder which meter you want anymore. Surely, you can trust Fluke’s 87-V model to be able to handle anything you throw at it and it will quickly become an indispensable part of your tool bag.

Finally, We hope that you get the result and information that you are looking for. Largest Stage Team members want to know your valuable feedback of this Brad new top rated Fluke 87V Multimeter.

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