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If you are looking for SEO expert in Bangladesh this is the right place for you. As you already know that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) more important for your business. In the modern era without the digital platform run a business in not good enough for you. If you doing the SEO for your website that will help you remain the top of the list of our competitor.

Why you need SEO expert in Bangladesh?

This is very simple. If you hire the best SEO expert from Bangladesh for your local business and also the international business that will help you more. Because an local SEO expert always know clearly what is going on the country and how can she/he get top of the competitor. There are lot’s of important things and also more benefits from local search engine expert.

SIImportant of Local SEO expert
1.Local search engine expert help increases organic traffic to your website and earn more qualified leads for your business.
2.It easily increases your online visibility, especially to neighboring customers.
3.Local expert can provide the highest conversion levels of all local advertising channels.
4.It will help you outrank your local competitors.
5.It ensures your business is found on Google maps, Google my Business and through other navigational apps.
6.Local SEO expert can increases your website’s rankings in the search results and in the local pack.
7.This local SEO expert always support you with great responsive time
8.They will provide the best ranking with comparative price.
9.They know the local keyword very well. That is good enough for your Business
10.They know what the competitor doing.
11. You can easily sit with them face to face meeting
12.They talk with you local language that is also benefits for clear understood

Best SEO Expert in Bangladesh

As we are already know that you search in google then find this site. So, you already know about search in google. If you search in google to SEO expert in Bangladesh then you can find me top of the list. So, you can easily decide that who is expert and rank your website. Trust on google no need to trust me dear!

In the digital era lot’s of people can learn SEO and also work for any company. But among those you need to find out the best SEO expert in Bangladesh for your local Business. That’s is not easy process to find out the best search engine expert in BD. You need to search in google and get the service top listed website. That’s person are trusted, reliable and support you all the time.

You are in our website. So, surely you looking for The best SEO Expert In Bangladesh? Well, In this modern era of the Internet, if you try to start and grow a Business, it’s important for you to understand what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is & how SEO strategies should be implemented on your site.

Best SEO Service in Bangladesh

In recent years, almost all Bangladeshi companies (Like as small business & big business) have become more concerned about increasing their online presence and brand visibility. For this reason, SEO is like a must-to-do process for every business. For your kind information, doing white hat SEO can increase 1000%+ more traffic than the number you can get from Organic Social Media.

Check these numbers. It clearly suggests that you should give more focus on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rather than putting your concentration on the next Instagram Post or Facebook Post. This is where you need the Best SEO Service in Bangladesh. To be more precise, you should take services from an SEO expert in Bangladesh.

In this situation, if you don’t know what actually SEO means, what services an SEO specialist offers, or how those SEO services can benefit your business, then you need to find out (Top SEO Expert In Bangladesh), There are lot’s of expert have to help you with their professional & experienced team members.

White Hat SEO Expert in Bangladesh

Well, this might be the question that is popping up in your mind right now – “Who is the Top White Hat SEO Expert in Bangladesh?”
Well, the obvious answer is – “Md. Shuvo Khan is the Best SEO consultant in Bangladesh”.
The reasons are as follows –

1. As of this date, I have successfully completed 50+ SEO projects for hundreds of companies from all around the Bangladesh. If Organic Ranking is what your primary goal for your business, you must take local SEO services from an experienced SEO professional like me.
2. Throughout my full SEO career, I have always tried to come up with different strategies following the white hat SEO to see the search engine ranking results after implementing them. This is what makes me different & special from all those SEO professionals in Bangladesh.
3. Around 3 years from now, I had begun my SEO training from Creative IT Institute & CodersTrust Bangladesh (CT) . So far, I have successfully completed My Advanced SEO course, Local SEO course.
4. I was already ranked e-commerce website keyword and local business keyword
5. After we finish the first conversation, I will email you a Blueprint of a Detailed SEO proposal for your site. In this SEO proposal, I will demonstrate every step so that everything can always be very clear between you and I.
6. I not only implement all the White Hat SEO strategies that can improve the rank of your website, but I also handle each of the client’s projects in a way so that the entire procedure can be much easier for both parties.
7. In some cases, I also try to provide an initial SEO Audit of your site so that you get to know the existing problems of your site. This will give a short idea about the technical SEO issues because I will use Google Search Console Tools for this purpose.
8. I am always provide the support all the time that you are looking for.
9. One thing I must mention that I am better known as a Local SEO Expert in Bangladesh because of my long career as an SEO expert in Bangladesh.
10. Finally, you are agree with my white hat SEO work process then the work process will going on.

Some of my Keyword Ranking screenshot

Without work portfolio and success result no one care about anyone. For this reason I decide to share the screenshot of my work. In all those screenshot you can see how much keyword I am still ranking. I am sharing the recent two project where I am dedicated working now. One of is Iconic Engineering Limited & the other one is Tools Bangladesh

This one is for Tools Bangladesh. The best e-commerce site for test and measuring instruments. Now it’s time for Iconic Engineering Limited. Where I am working now and will do forever if they want me. I am always trying my best to provide the best SEO support. Next my favorite and my first website that I am working now. Check it out.

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Hiring an SEO Specialist in Bangladesh

By this time, you have got a little bit of an idea about what SEO is. And, you have also come to know the reasons for checking out the SEO Expert
Profile in Bangladesh.

However, you may not have the actual idea about the benefits SEO can bring to your business. For not having such an idea, it’s quite OBVIOUS
that you have no clear idea about how your competitors are knocking off just because of taking the best SEO service in Bangladesh from Top SEO
Expert in BD.

Here, I will tell you about the Top 3 benefits of hiring an SEO specialist in Bangladesh –
Boost Website Traffic with SEO
Taking help from the leading SEO experts in Bangladesh, you get the opportunity of increasing the number of traffic to your website. And thus, it
helps you get more customers for your business. Creating and implementing the right SEO Action Plan using the right SEO tools is quite easier for
an SEO expert in bd to drive the traffic that can ultimately lead to real conversions.
SEO Increases ROI
If you take the best SEO service in Bangladesh from the best SEO expert in Bangladesh, you can expect to have an increase in your ROI (Return On
Investment). But, your investment in SEO services may not bring you the desired result if you take SEO service from the wrong SEO expert bd. So, you
have to be utmost careful while looking for the right SEO expert Bangladesh.
Price & Support
If you are looking for comparative price and best support for your local SEO this is the best option for you. Hire the local expert and get the result and support that you are looking for.
More clear and local language
This is more benefits for you and your business. If your SEO expert is local then they will talk with you local language that will help you more clear idea for SEO and benefits of local SEO.
When you take SEO service from the best SEO service provider company in Bangladesh, your business gets a higher SEO rank in bd. An analyzed
and calculated SEO plan designed by the best SEO agency in Bangladesh can really help you get the top position in the Search Engine Result Page.

You have already come to know how vital it is to get the best SEO service in Bangladesh for your business. It can happen to you only when you take SEO services from Shuvo Khan (SEO Expert in Bangladesh).

Here’s is a brief overview of the SEO services that I provide

In this section you will find what kind of service I provide for SEO. There are two options one is Off-Page SEO & Others in On-Page SEO. All my method is maintain the white hat SEO rules. So, why you late just get started the best SEO service in Bangladesh.

1. Schema Tags Implementation
2. LSI Keyword Base Work
3.Google Search Console Tool Integration & Error Removal.
4. Keyword Research & Keyword Mapping
5. Local Citation
6. Google Analytics Custom Data Reporting
7. Siloing & Website Structuring for SEO.
8. Content Strategy Making & Content Creation.
9.Canonicalization Fixation
10. Robots.TXT Fixation
11. Local SEO Tags optimization
12. Site Structure & UI suggestions
13. Semantic Issues & Keyword Cannibalization Fixation
14. Existing Content Audit & Suggestions
15. Meta Title & Description Fixation
16. Sitemap & Google Fetch
17. Site Speed Optimization & Suggestions
18. GMB (Google My Business) Page & Map Optimization
19. Keyword Research
20. Full Technical Audit & Suggestions
21. hreflang Tag & related meta Optimization

In this process now you can get what I offer for Off-Page SEO. This is also most important things for all type of SEO. I am sharing all the details that I am doing for long year and also I will update day to day all those process. As you know that SEO method always changes.

Off-Page SEO

1. Skyscraper Link Building & Roundup Posts.
2. Digital Marketing as a whole.
3. Video Backlinks
4. Links from Comments Section of Websites & Forums
5. Local Directory Links & Citation Building
6. Content Focused Link Building
7. Slides & Docs Backlinks
8. Guest posting for Links & Manual Outreach
9. Social Profile monitoring for better social signals
10. Anchor Text planning & variation strategy
11. Disavowing harmful links
12. Guest posting script to build links following long-term process
13 .edu and .gov backlinks creation
14. Relationship-Based Link Building
15. Competitor link profile analysis
16. Link opportunity & source profile creation
17. Listing key influencers in any niche
18. Broken Link Building
19. Submission Backlinks Creation
20. Local Social Site backlink all the vital pages for website

Beside SEO, What Makes You More Money?

Whatever I do online; somehow are relevant to SEO & Digital Marketing. Suppose, I am blogging and earning from Google Adsense and where traffic takes a crucial part and it involves SEO. I do affiliate marketing where SEO is a must things to do.I also doing online sales & Maintain the E-commerce site with ranking which is kind of SEO as well. So, my online life is fully based on SEO & Digital Marketing.

What If SEO is Die? And What You Would Do Then?

SEO will die, only when Google will hire 3.5 Billion Search Engines Raters on all over the world for every possible language. Because, according to InternetLiveStats, 3.5 Billion of searches are happening on Google per day. SEO will never die, if the search engines stay as Robot and the result pages come up based on some algorithms.

You know, huge number of websites are being developed at every minute. Surprisingly most of them are not optimized. I mean, most of the websites are not crawler/google robot friendly and that is why Google faces a hard time to crawl them and index them to their database. As an SEO, we optimize the sites so that google and other search engines can easily find those websites and their content to show the people who search on the Google Search Engine box.

We the SEO experts are not the enemy of Search Engines; rather we are helping the search engines to find the most relevant and better quality content for the searchers.
In essence, SEO will never die till the time when no un-optimized websites are built. And you think it will happen any day in future? Nope!

Do You Run Any Internet Marketing Agencies?

I ran a Digital Marketing agency headquartered in Dhaka named learn & Earn. I was providing Holistic SEO & Technical SEO services for some specific industries (Note that I don’t provide services to everybody and to every company out there). To know more about my agency (now turned to be an IM blog), then Google “learn & Earn” and you will find me there.

I share all the SEO & search engine algorithm updates and know-how in that blog which you can check as well. I share different SEO tests and publish updates about industry news which will definitely help you become a knowledgeable SEO not only in Bangladesh but anywhere of this world, only if that matters.

If you ask me this question – i would say, SEO is the only channel to get maximum organic traffic from Google and other search engines. SEOs help a business website get right kind of Schema, they produce awesome content than all the competitors, they strive to build a trust signal towards the visitors and the seach engines; and all of those combines a traffic boost for your Website.

Where Would I Find SEO Experts Online?

You can go to freelancing marketplaces like Upwork, Fiverr and Freelancer to hire an SEO Expert if you have less budget. But if you are a company and own a very large website (like e-commerce), you can look for local Bangladeshi SEO service providers and individual SEO consultants if you have an in house SEO or Online Marketing team already. A simple Google search can help you will that.

Do You Teach The Digital Marketing & Social Media Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a very broad topic and includes SEO, PPC, Social Media, Content Marketing and so on. I solely focus on SEO & Digital Marketing along with online sales. and always try to mark my foot on Digital Marketing & Social Media Marketing. I loved to do Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing & Online Sales.

Lets Get Connected for Best SEO Expert in Bangladesh!

You can talk with me, chat with me and even meet with me at my Office in LateNightBirds…or in several online places like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. It would be even better if you start watching my SEO videos in Bengali from scratch (on YouTube) and tell me after watching – “hey, I have learned something new today and going to be another SEO experts in Bangladesh soon.”.

You can knock me over different social media websites also. Check below to find those contact details. Let me know the problem your website and you are facing right now. Talk to you soon.

For any kind of SEO Tips or Suggestions; join my SEO Mastermind Group on Facebook . and meet with thousands other SEO professionals and experts from Dhaka and all over the world who speaks bengali. Let’s Get Connected.

Let’s Get Connected. 🙂

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