Top 20 Secret Websites You Should Visit

There are 1.5+ billion websites on the World Wide Web, 200+ million of which are active. The number will be increasing day by day. And still now, you visit the same websites every other 10 minutes, just because. That’s okay. I also do, too. But after opening the same website for the tenth time, only because I didn’t know what else to type into the search bar. Now I decided enough was enough and searched for more (or in most cases, less) productive ways to procrastinate. Here are the Top 20 Secret Website You should Visit. Are you curious to visit? So, let’s get started and find something new.

List of the Top Secret Website

If you are always looking for something new & interesting all those site is for you. Here you can find out the hidden website that you never know previously. So, check out the list:

Details Tittle Website Link
1. Visit the first website ever made
2.See the location of every single Airplane in the air right now,0/8
3. Find out the exact location of London’s tube trains at any given time
4. Have a play on the original Space Jam site
5. Access tons of free media
6.Follow an online fantasy series about a duck named Slütsof navigating the mystical lands of Stâgram
7. Say ‘no’ to spam mail
8. Discover a random new place somewhere around the world
9. Have hours of fun with your cursor
10. Learn all sorts of fascinating things about the world
11. Listen to radio broadcasts from decades past
12. Check out the weather all over the world, in real time,52.031,3
13. Play a more sophisticated version of Higher or Lower
14. Get lost in an infinite zoom
15. Discover your new favorite bands and/or artists
16. Learn all about physics, retro style
17. Connect to the wifi at any airport around the world, even if it doesn’t technically have free wifi
18. Meet the horse with the never-ending legs
19. Play Pictionary with Google
20. And finally, make cats… bounce?

1. Visit the first website ever made

If you’re curious to see how far we’ve come, there’s no other place you should start. Thank you, Tim Berners Lee. Take a look. That is amazing to see. This is the first website that ever made. Very cool things to know. Before I search the website in search box, I also don’t know about this. Suddenly I heard from my friend Rocky then include this into my Top 20 Secret Websites. This First website ever made still running.

2. See the location of every single Airplane in the air right now

This is another website that provide you tracks all current airborne flights. It lets you track departures and arrival times, too — so you can stalk your mates as they whizz through the sky! Check it out. When I entered this website see something amazing things that never seen before.

Flightradar24 is a global flight tracking service that provides you with real-time information about thousands of aircraft around the world. This amazing site tracks 180,000+ flights, from 1,200+ airlines, flying to or from 4,000+ airports around the world in real time. Their service is currently available online and for your iOS or Android device.

3. Discover a random new place somewhere around the world

This is another cool website in our secret websites list. Popularised back when Tumblr was all the rage. MapCrunch is a website that will randomly drop you in a worldwide location using Google’s Street View. In itself, MapCrunch is not a game. However, like most things, people found a way to turn it into one. So, what’s the aim of this one? Make it to an airport. Today, I was dropped somewhere in Portugal and twenty clicks later I have still not made it to a main road, let alone an airport. But there are plenty of hours in a day.

4. Meet the horse with the never-ending legs

I truly have no words for this one. A horse with endless legs! What a time to be alive. One of the great and best secret site in the world that I was found. When I saw this endless legs of horse, that’s feel me something special. Those type of feelings never can explain via the writing. You just need to see the website. After that you will find the feelings that was happen to me.

5. Learn all sorts of fascinating things about the world

This website provide you short fascinating things that you never seen yet. One of the best website in my list. When I was interred in this website find lot’s of new things and videos.

I Have No TV has to be my favorite site to watch documentaries (that I have so far discovered). Why? No pseudo-science and no conspiracy theories. It’s also a community-managed collection with wide-ranging topics and videos of varying length. They’ve even got a Chrome extension that will suggest a new documentary to watch every time you open up a new tab! Now, that’s what I call encouraging me to procrastinate.

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